C'est maintenant annoncé, grâce au travail et au relationel de John Tomlinson du Mufon France (, le chercheur Français François Louange, spécialiste de l'analyse des photos et vidéos, entre autre représentant des phénomènes aériens non identifiés, interviendra lors du prochain symposium international sur le phénomène des ovnis. Cette manifestation est organisée par le Mufon à Los Angeles, aux Usa du 18 au 21 juillet 2013, devant plusieurs centaines de personnes et de chercheurs intéressés par le dossier des Ovnis.

Ci- après le contenu de l'annonce faite aux Etats Unis, concernant François Louange. Diverses personnalités, souvent issues du monde scientifique, interviendront durant ces quatre journées consacrées à ce phénomène.

MUFON Symposium Announces

This Year's Keynote Speaker

Francois Louange, Ph.D


In 1977, thanks to the conjunction of several events, the French Space Agency created a department in charge of collecting and analyzing data about Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena. After a few promising years, its resources started decreasing drastically, as well as its efficiency. In 2001, under pressure to stop this "borderline"activity, the Agency's Director contracted my company to audit the department, i.e. to meet the highest French authorities in all domains potentially concerned by UAPs (Science, Defense, Police, Media), to collect their opinions and to present agreed recommendations.

My audit report's positive arguments, in favor of restarting the activity on a proper basis, resulted in the creation of a new department in 2005. The GEIPAN is now working under control of a Steering Committee and with support from several external groups. Most data are collected through official channels and, after analysis, cases are sorted into categories and published on the Internet.
Analysis of alleged UFO photos/videos is a sensitive issue, which has changed considerably over the past decade, with the proliferation of digital cameras and cellphones. The possibilities of fakery became unlimited, through software tools enabling the touching up and synthesis of digital images. On the other hand, technical characteristics of digital pictures differ from those of silver pictures, making visible a large number of small things which remained previously invisible.
As a consultant to GEIPAN, I built up an analysis methodology, concretized through the development of a dedicated software (, derived from an established image intelligence operational tool. During my talk I will share my insights into GEIPAN from my close working relationship with this organization as well as discuss the analysis of several interesting UFO photographs and images which have been analyzed using this unique software tool.


François Louange was born in Versailles in 1945. After scientific studies in Grenoble, he qualified as a Doctor-Engineer (Ph.D.) in signal processing, in 1968.

He joined the European Space Agency, first in Darmstadt (Germany), where he worked on satellite data processing, then in 1977 in Madrid (Spain), as Computer Manager in the frame of the NASA/ESA astronomical space project IUE, processing images of ultraviolet spectra.

He left ESA in 1980 and set up in Paris as an independent consultant for French Defense, for a reconnaissance satellites programme. There, he developed a new Computer-Aided Photo-Interpretation technique, materialized through the OCAPI operational software, and founded in 1989 the FLEXIMAGE company, specialized in the analysis of space imagery for Intelligence purposes. He sells OCAPI in several countries worldwide. Later, François Louange sells his company to the EADS Group, which will finally integrate it into Cassidian at the end of 2006.

Since 2007, he has returned to the status of independent consultant, and collaborates mostly with CNES/GEIPAN on the analysis of alleged UFO photos/videos.

Regarding the UFO phenomenon, François Louange became seriously interested in 1975, and tries - without success - to create an official department within ESA. As soon as he returns to France in 1980, he collaborates actively with the UFO department (GEPAN) of the French Space Agency (CNES), as a consultant on photo analysis, as well as on detection network projects. He takes part in the Pocantico workshop, on a panel of scientists.

In 2001, FLEXIMAGE is officially contracted by CNES to audit GEPAN, which is about to be suppressed, and his positive recommendations are followed, leading to the new GEIPAN.

For CNES, François Louange has contractually produced a dozen technical reports, and he has developed IPACO, dedicated UFO Photo/video analysis software derived from the OCAPI operational Image Intelligence software.

Currently, he continues his work on IPACO, as well as on his dedicated site.

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